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Beliebers right now outside the Miami police station!

that’s disgusting.
that is honestly disgusting.
This sorry excuse of a man was convicted of drunk driving and street racing.
I don’t care if those “free bieber” tumblrs are trolls or not, but the fact that this is actually happening, and there are actually people defending him makes me want to throw up.
This wasn’t him just smoking weed, or doing things to harm himself, he made the conscious choice to sit behind the wheel of an operating vehicle while intoxicated on roads accessible civilians… and THEN ATTEMPT TO ILLEGALLY RACE SOMEBODY ELSE.
Literally hundreds of innocent children as well as adults are killed every day due to drunk drivers, oN TOP OF THOSE taken by street racing, and the fact that there are people sending condolences to someone who would not give two shits if he had hit someone is so disheartening. They’re literally just enforcing the idea in his mind that nothing he does is wrong. 
Any form of common sense has literally been brainwashed clean out of their minds, those are not people, those are robots. I doubt they’d be standing there if they lost a parent or sibling to drunk driving. 
not to mention that he couldn’t even admit to himself what he did was wrong because then he proceeded to resist arrest…. and then he smiled while his mugshot was being taken.
no remorse, regret, or apology for his actions.  
Just a “whoops I got caught but I’m rich and famous so it won’t matter better smile bc this pic about to be so famous swag”

As someone who has been hit and seriously injured by a drunk driver, this makes me physically ill.

I’d like to think Kaytryn and Mrs. Robb would send a big giant “fuck you” to this prick, but I know they were both far, far too kind to do that.
So, Bieber, I’ll do it for them since people like you are the reason they can’t.
Fuck you, you petulant, little child.  Fuck. You.

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In the morning, if you tell me that “boobytrap” is “partyboob” spelled backwards, I’ll be unable to stop laughing.



The only one in the world #mirrorselfie #notdead #nofilter

I’m gonna fcking vomit


people without passwords on their phones are the strongest and most terrifying people you will ever meet



So I was browsing goodreads and then.

I think this might be the only comment I’ve ever made on goodreads.


if Finland’s country border isn’t called the Finnish line then I have nothing to live for